Situated about half way between Spain’s capital Madrid and its coastal tourist haven Barcelona, is the city of Zaragoza. I spent a week in the 35 degree heat exploring the historical centre and lively nightlife, and sampling the local gastronomy. Capital of the Aragon region, and pronounced ‘Saragossa’ by locals, the city is the fifth largest in Spain, in the Ebro valley, surrounded by desert. The city’s Roman and Arabic roots can be seen from the plethora of historic monuments.

Zaragoza_Grace Quah_3
Ebro River showing the Piedra Bridge dating back to the Roman era
Painted rooftop of the Pilar Basilica
Zaragoza_Grace Quah_1
Zaragoza_Grace Quah_6
City view from the fourth tower of Pilar Basilica

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These views were stunning however I think the easier way to catch a glimpse of the city is by bike. The ‘green ring’ – aka cycling path extends along the south and northern side of the Ebro river and allows the cyclist to catch views of Zaragoza first hand. I would highly recommend La Cicleria for the hiring of bikes, which is located to the east of the historical centre [see above]. It was €7 for a minimum of two hours which is more than enough time to do a circuit and grab a bite to eat.

Zaragoza_Grace Quah_15
Three ladies walking taking an afternoon walk in Pilar Square
Zaragoza_Grace Quah_11
Institute of Contemporary Aragonese Art and Culture Pablo Serrano

Zaragoza_Grace Quah_13

Zaragoza_Grace Quah_14

Zaragoza_Grace Quah_7
Zaragoza’s largest flea market next to Juan José Arenas’ Third Millennium Bridge